GreenGeeks Review – World #1 Green Energy Web Hosting(60% Discount)

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GreenGeeks Review – Faster, Secure and Eco-friendly

During my recent research on hosting companies, I found the GreenGeeks World #1 Green Energy Web Hosting provider with an offer of 60% discount. A few days back I was unable to decide where to buy the best hosting plan. Now I found GreenGeeks which covers all the functionalities which make this hosting one of the best hosting.

If you arrived here searching for GreenGeeks coupon code … be happy, because here you are going to get 60% off for hosting your unlimited sites on Pro plan.

Why I don’t recommend SiteGround?

Because they impose a limit on your traffic and charge the same price that GreenGeeks is charging. So why pay extra money when you can get unlimited traffic at the same cost.

sitegroundPlan - GreenGeeks Review - World #1 Green Energy Web Hosting(60% Discount)


No doubt  SiteGround hosting ranks near the top of all web hosting companies for both uptime (99.99%) and speed (673ms). Their customer support team is knowledgeable, fast, and friendly. All plans come with a CDN, SSL certificate, and email accounts.

Being in the midst of a global epidemic is taking a toll on all of us. When out of our regular schedule, we have a good amount of time on our hands.

But how about using that free time to create a website that you wanted to give a long shot too? You can write about your favorite clubs, or how to make pasta at home, etc., and possibly make some money from it too!

Maybe you already have your own website and are looking to build another one (if you are one of those people, read on because we provide you with an amazing hosting solution).

So how to go about building your website with World #1 Green Energy Web hosting?

Okay, to start, you need to choose a good hosting plan. However, the process of hosting websites is getting easier and easier, as companies are making more and more people realize that they are shifting online to build their website and they also have to accommodate people who do not want to be lost in technicalities.

Before we reach that stage, you must recognize a hosting provider that is suitable for you and your purposes. The real problem is here. There are so many hosting providers out there, which makes it difficult to compare which one to go for.

To make the part of your selection easier, we have a new proposal that works unprecedentedly — GreenGeeks.

If you are someone who is already running their own websites and wants to build new websites and is exploring different options for hosts, then you might be wondering what is GreenGeeks specific?

They are completely environmentally friendly – world #1 green energy web hosting

Wait, what How do building and running websites cause environmental pollution?

According to the founder of the Web Neutral Project, Jack Amend, he had this to say: The average website produces about 4,500 pounds of CO2 a year. This is similar to driving a car for 10,000 miles.

The various processes involved in hosting a website lead to this pollution.

As responsible citizens, we should try to minimize the damage we can do to our environment. If there is an economically viable option, why try something that puts our environment at risk?

But at the expense of saving the climate and the environment, your actual job should not be compromised. Because at the end of the day you want work that is effective.

GreenGeeksFirst e1589979916162 - GreenGeeks Review - World #1 Green Energy Web Hosting(60% Discount)

So, let’s find out whether it stands up to the mark in different aspects as well or not.

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Why should you buy the GreenGeeks Hosting?

Before we move on to the exact reasons, it is interesting to have a look at Trey Gardner, the founder of GreenGeeks. GreenGeeks was launched in 2008 and now hosts around 300,000 websites, with data centers located in Canada, the United States, and the Netherlands.

Before he built GreenGeeks, he worked with several different hosting companies such as iPage, Lunarpages, HostPapa, and a few others. It’s safe to say that he brings his rich experience in running a hosting provider and similarly GreenGeeks provides you with a professional service.

# 1: Environmentally friendly

Let’s start with its main point: one of the first hosting providers to be environmentally friendly.

It is said that by 2020, the pollution generated by web hosting will surpass the level of the airline industry. This figure will only increase further as more businesses are adapting themselves to the age of the Internet.

Not only should it be the moral responsibility of citizens to go to a hosting provider that promises to reduce pollution, but it could also be a possible scenario in the future where people have to pay additional taxes (such as penalties) for a good CO2 footprint.

First, GreenGeeks is ​​recognized as an EPA Green Power Partner (with a certificate at their helm).

They claim to be the most environmentally friendly hosting provider available today, which all hosting providers are likely to consider not paying attention to.

How do they keep their tasks environmentally friendly? Here are some ways:

  • They purchase energy credits to compensate for all the company’s energy use. That’s what the company says: ‘carbon-reduction ‘: for every amperage drawn from the grid, we invest 3 times as renewable energy through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.
  • They provide green badges to webmasters to spread awareness about eco-friendly hosting.
  • They use energy-efficient hardware to host your website’s data. They ensure that the warehouse housing server industry complies with environmentally friendly standards.
  • They replace 615,000 kWh of energy per year!

# 2: Performance

Let’s move to make or break the point: does it do its job effectively? Although there are different parameters to measure its performance, it scores quite well in all of them.

GreenGeeks try to load their web pages more quickly using various technologies:

  1. Built-in Caching: You do not have to use any additional 3rd party plugins to cache and render your data faster.
  2. SSD hard drive: All the data on your website is stored in SSD hard drive (which is faster than HDD drive).
  3. Responsive Servers: They do tweaks on their server-side so that your data can be sent and loaded as soon as possible.
  4. CDN: They also use the CDN technology of industry-respected Cloudflare.
  5. Other important technologies: such as PHP7 and HTML /2 ensures that you are up to date on the technical front.

TechRadar conducted a check on its hosting capability and found that it managed 100% uptime on over 2000 checks (equivalent to the industry’s best hosting providers). It also had a response time of 252 ms, a fairly good score by industry standards.

# 3: Security

After all, who knows what will happen in the future, okay?

It is important that your data must be safe and secure. Even in the worst case, you should be able to access all your data. On the Internet, data is everything.

They use various technologies to protect all their user data, such as:

  1. Nightly data backup
  2. Spam Protection
  3. Real-time security scanning
  4. Hosting Account Isolation
  5. Proactive Server Monitoring
  6. Using container-based technology

You may wonder what exactly container-based technology is, to put it simply, the resources on your website will be placed in a separate container so that changes such as traffic spikes in other website resources do not impact on your server’s usage.

They also make regular updates of the CMS (Joomla, WordPress, etc.) you are using. They also give each user their own secure visualization file system, so that no other website can access your resources.

# 4: Customer Support and Infrastructure

It is possible that you may get stuck in a ditch while trying to build your website. It is important that you have direct contact with the company’s support team in any problem so that they can guide you in case you come across any problem.

To help you in the event of any problems arising, they provide three different easy to contact you: email, chat, and telephone support.  In the case of an e-mail, you have 24*7 support.

Their infrastructure is reliable with data centers located at 5 different locations: Amsterdam (NL), Montreal (CA), Toronto (CA), Phoenix (US), and Chicago (US). So when choosing a datacenter you have several options to choose from.

They also ensure that their data centers comply with all industry standards such as fire suppression systems and automatic temperature control throughout the facility.

# 5: Other Advanced Features

If you want to create an e-commerce website, they provide you with a free wildcard SSL certificate to assure your users that their data is secure. Also, their servers are PCI compliant so that your e-commerce business can run smoothly without any hiccups.

They also give you one-tap install cart functionality so that you do not have to install any 3rd party plugins.

They provide you with a website builder with hundreds of pre-made themes for choosing the process of customizing your website. All these themes are mobile friendly and SEO optimized.


GreenGeekPlans - GreenGeeks Review - World #1 Green Energy Web Hosting(60% Discount)


One of the best things about GreenGeek is its viable plan. Not only are they affordable they offer you all the services to maintain all the various requirements that you are going to have.

Activate 60% Discount

Starting with Lite, it costs $ 2.95 per month. what do you get? Unlimited storage and data transfer, free website migration, free one-year domain registration, CDN integration, free SSL certificate, Softaculous one-click installer.

Almost all the functionality you ever need is included in the light plan.

But our recommendation would be to go for the Pro Plan. Granted, it costs $ 5.95 per month. But in the long run, you need a website that is responsive and fast.

Lite provides all the basics, but with the Pro plan, you get additional tweaks that make your performance 2x better than the Lite version. Apart from this, you also get the facility to create unlimited websites unlike the lite version, where you can create only one website.

If you are an experienced person who has run various websites, then you should definitely consider the pro plan as if you are planning to start more than one website, this allows you to do so.

If your website traffic is dense and you want to migrate to your hosting provider then you can check their premium plan which starts at $ 11.95. This plan provides you with a dedicated IP that you can effectively deal with traffic.

How to use GreenGeeks Coupon?

Using Green Geeks coupon code is easy and they have made sure to make it straight-forward.

First, you have to select the subscription you would like to buy out of the three: lite, pro or premium.

GreenGeekPlans - GreenGeeks Review - World #1 Green Energy Web Hosting(60% Discount)


Once you click on the get started, you will come across this screen.


GreenGeeksWebHostorderform - GreenGeeks Review - World #1 Green Energy Web Hosting(60% Discount)


Here, you have to enter the domain name you want to use (if you are a new user). Else, if you already have an existing domain you can put the domain’s link in ‘I Want to Use An Existing Domain’.

Once you are done with it, you will come across a page asking you to fill your details. Here in the package information, you’ll see the coupon TAKE60OFF added automatically.

GreenGeekscoupon - GreenGeeks Review - World #1 Green Energy Web Hosting(60% Discount)


Once you fill up all the details, you just have to enter the payment details and your account will be created!

Activate 60% Discount

You can also select for domain WHOIS privacy feature (usually used by websites with crucial information and large scale like Facebook) to further enhance your website’s security.

What are the cons of GreenGeek hosting?

Like with any other hosting provider, this one comes with its fair share of faults as well.

  1. Misleading Price

Although the lite version cost you $2.95  per year, it is only when you pay for it for three years. If you want to pay on a per month basis it will cost you $9.95.

  1. Refunds

They promise you a 30-day full refund if you are not satisfied with their service. But the catch is: they won’t refund you the setup fee, domain name registration fee, or transfer fees.

Quite a bummer considering they mentioned on their website that users are provided with a 30-day refund guarantee no questions asked.

  1. Singe monthly plan

If you go for a single monthly plan over the annual plan, then you will not be provided with a free domain. Moreover, an extra fee will be charged from you for the setup.


GreenGreek is one of those serious hosting providers you should consider for your next website. It comes with lots of advantages, but overall the pros seem to outweigh the cons.

If you want to contribute your part in saving the environment while getting top-notch service, this is a serious contender for you to choose from.


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